Hi all,

I've been having this problem for a while. Maybe since the Zim 0.60
release, maybe longer.

All my long-lasting notebooks have the Shared property set to True,
because I sync them via SparkleShare (formerly Dropbox) and I don't want
to sync the extra binary files Zim keeps for indexing.

In Windows, Zim creates these binary files in "%TEMP%", while in Linux,
they are created in "~/cache/zim".

Problem 1) When I open/create a Shared notebook for which the "cache"
files don't exist, Zim opens a tiny window with the titlebar "zim" or
"zim.exe" (depending on platform). The window should be bigger and it's
supposed to have the notebook title in the titlebar. See screenshot:

Problem 2) Problem 1 occurs after EVERY desktop login in Windows,
because "%TEMP%" gets cleared by the system when I log out.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?

For now, my workaround (in Windows) is to launch Zim with this script
that reassigns "%TEMP%" to a private folder which is never cleared out
by the system:

---- BEGIN zim-launcher.vbs
Dim Shell, Env, Args, Arg, ArgsStr

Set Shell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Set Env = Shell.Environment("PROCESS")

Env("TEMP") = "C:\Work\AppData\ZimCache"
Env("TMP") = "C:\Work\AppData\ZimCache"

Set Args = WScript.Arguments

ArgsStr = """C:\Program Files (x86)\Zim Desktop Wiki\zim.exe"" "
For Each Arg In Args
        If InStr(Arg, " ") > 0 Then
                ArgsStr = ArgsStr & """" & Arg & """ "
                ArgsStr = ArgsStr & Arg & " "
        End If

---- END

Brendan Kidwell

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