No objections here.  Do you have any statistics regarding which OS people
are using when they download the windows build of Zim (perhaps pulled from
an analytics tool or server logs)?  If a non-trivial amount of people are
still downloading Zim (many of which might not be on this list) with
Windows XP, it would probably warrant at least testing the Win 7 build on
XP.  Of course, the users will probably do that for you! :P


On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 10:01 AM, Brendan Kidwell <> wrote:

> Windows XP's official end-of-life is today, and Microsoft will no longer
> be providing security updates for it unless you pay them exorbitant sums
> of money. (I hope your ATM isn't connected to the Internet.)
> Up until the last Zim release (0.60 last year) I'd been building the
> Windows installer and portable packages on a Windows XP SP3 virtual
> machine. I tested on a clean XP SP3 VM and then also on Windows 7.
> For the next Zim release I'm planning to build and test only on Windows
> 7. It should work in Vista and 2008 and all newer versions; it will
> probably work in Windows XP but I won't test or support Windows XP. Is
> there any objection?
> Brendan Kidwell
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