Hi all
I currently use Zim on Suse Linux 11 (SLED) and Windows 7 and it works
we'll, especially with Dropbox.   The interlinking and search ability is
brilliant. Zim kills my old method of standalone pure text files, mixed
with web pages saved as .mht files.

I now have an iPad and trying to work out the best way to view and
optionally edit  my Zim data.  My requirements are:
- have all my Zim files available off-line, for speedy access, and for
when there is no internet connection (such as when on a plane or in a
remote region)
- file name search
- file content text search (the only way I can find that shred of info I

Here are my findings....

DROPBOX is the key for syncing, and there are many suggestions about
simply opening the Zim file with a text editor on the iPad. 
- Interestingly the IOS version of Dropbox only downloads files as you
try to open them, unless you select the file as a Favourite.  Selecting
folder is not supported!
- There are plenty of great plain text editors too on the iPad, but they
do not all make a complete local sync of the dropbox folder either,
often you must select individual files to open/sync, which becomes
unworkable.  Or they did no offer good search capabilities.

GOODREADER almost did it for me, as you can synchronise a complete
Dropbox folder locally, using a one way or two way sync.  But it has a
basic text editor and it can't do full text search over a file system,
only file name search.

After countless hours of research, the best I can come up with is
NOTESY, which features:
- full off-line sync of my Dropbox files, just like Dropbox does on
linux or Windows
- fantastic search capabilities, of files or content
- mark down support

Before I commit to NOTESY, I was wondering how others are reading or
editing Zim files on ther iPad, is there a better way?

I also tested exporting to HTML, and it's good for browsing (using
GoodReader), but I couldn't search it.

After searching for Wiki viewers in the App Store, there were dozens
available to view Wikipedia.  I couldn't help but think how useful it
would be to have a generic wiki (Zim) reader with search - does such a
thing exist?


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