My windows (work) is uptodate on timestamps, but my linux no. I need to
configure it too.

I use DB in background and I always wait the synchronization finished
before switching from one machine to another one.

I didn't try to reproduce the issue on demand, but I will try.

For now I have a 0.56 on linux and a 0.60 on windows. I will try to update
the linux version if it is possible. Perharps it could be here the issue ?

On 21 May 2014 14:46, <> wrote:

> I use both together daily on several client machines and have had no
> such issues, and suspect some external issue rather than a glitch with
> either package.
> Timestamps are critical - are your client machines nntp sync'd?
> Obviously important to run a sync session before and after each Zim
> editing session - I handle this via the scripts that launch my apps
> including Zim, even when I'm only using one machine over several
> sessions in a row, that way DB is never more than a few hours behind.
> I don't run DB constantly in the background, but if you're willing to
> put up with the RAM/disk overhead that's another way, just make sure
> it finishes before you shut down after a working session.
> And even more obviously, refrain from editing on multiple client
> machines between syncs.
> Can you reproduce the issue on demand?
> On Wed, May 21, 2014 at 3:02 AM, Didier BRETIN <> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I use Zim on windows (work) and on linux (home). I put my notebook on
> > dropbox so I can have synchronization between my two PCs.
> >
> > Yesterday, I move some pages from a level to another level in Zim under
> > windows.
> >
> > Yesterday night, back to home, my linux dropbox synchronized the
> notebook,
> > but I didn't open it.
> >
> > This morning I'm back to windows and the pages I moved yesterday are
> back.
> >
> > I suppose that my linux dropbox found that the pages were deleted on my
> > dropbox drive, so it recreated on linux and synchronized it back.
> >
> > Do you that the issue is here ? If yes what is the best pratice to use
> > dropbox and zim when I want to move pages ?
> >
> > Regards.
> > --
> > Didier Bretin

Didier Bretin
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