Thought I'd post this FYI in case it's useful for others using the taskbar
icon plugin on Linux systems googling later on.

past reference post:

I'm not sure which window manager was the default back when the above was
posted, but in my case, using the current shipping version of Elementary OS
(Luna) which is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with a DE called "Pantheon", I
was getting a strange colored icon in the notification bar ("wingpanel")
that looked like a little jigsaw puzzle with a "W", and the above
instructions didn't work.

I had specified (via eos' "tweak" tool) the icon theme "elFaenza", so found
if I copied the "dark" version icon file to:


then I got the nice grey-scale one that matches the rest of the
notification icons.

Sorry I didn't keep track of my steps very methodically, I most likely
deleted the strange/ugly zim icons that were there before, because at one
point I had a "blank" spot where I could right-click the bar to get the Zim

Also not sure if the conversion from svg to png was needed.
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