Hi Thomas and all other Zimmers,

I have the same problem. Lots of journal entries with tags in: when I hit a tag in the tag space I see, say, "04", "23" and "28" in the page space - ie sorted by page name. However, the pages, although alphabetically sorted, are not correctly sorted date wise - "04" might be the 4th September whereas "23" might be the 23rd July - chronologically the pages are in the wrong order. I was going to suggest a fix so that journal pages are named in the form YYMMDD. This would sort alphabetically and chronologically in the correct order. I was going to have a look at the code but haven't got around to it (and I'm a novice at Python). But this may be an easier fix than the two you suggest: colon delimited page names or a stripped down page hierarchy. However, your case of non-journal pages would not be helped by this.

This is my first "post" so hope I've done it right.



On 02/07/14 16:49, Thomas Harning Jr. wrote:
Tags are great when your page 'basename' is descriptive, however,
especially in the case of the Journal namespacing, you end up with
duplicate numbers, ex:
I have a tag on June 4 and July 4th, I see 04 (at least) twice in the
tag tree... [1]

This sort of issue appears in both with and without the sort pages by
tags options set.

Some sort of tree structure should remain in the tag view, especially
for the Journal case, but in many others I name the final note with
the understanding that it's identity is strongly tied to at least most
of its hierarchy. Perhaps the view could display the colon-delimited
format for names as an option, or perhaps take the existing tree view,
but strip it down so that pages w/ matching tags are visible, as well
as [perhaps greyed out / unselectable] the super-pages leading to
those matching pages are visible.

I took a look at the code on how the views are constructed and, while
versed in python and programming in general, I realized that I have
very little idea what I am doing in that area.
I took a stab and came up with this basic patch to get the full path
in the page for tag pages... no configuration or 'fancy' path
handling, but it seems to work okay.

diff --git a/zim/plugins/tags.py b/zim/plugins/tags.py.py
index 7ff0d2e..ed0c375 100644
--- a/zim/plugins/tags.py
+++ b/zim/plugins/tags.py
@@ -561,6 +561,8 @@ class TagsPageTreeStore(DuplicatePageTreeStore):
                                 #~ else:
                                         #~ return
+                       if column == NAME_COL:
+                               return iter.indexpath.name
                         return PageTreeStore.on_get_value(self, iter, column)

1: I said at least because I just noticed a bug:
It see... er saw 3 04 references, 1st was for June 4th, 2nd and 3rd
were for July 4th, but clicking the 3rd did nothing UI-wise.
Looks like there might be something going on there, but cannot
reproduce anymore after applying/undoing the "sort pages by tags" to
that, nor in a simpler notebook case.

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