>> I'd also love to see previews in tag searches (for example of the line
the tag is on), but that sounds harder.

> Not sure, which search you are referring to. The main search or the
tasklist search? What would you like to preview?

The main search. Currently if I search for @Murat it will show me a list of
pages that contain that tag:

> 1 - Journal:2014:07:16

What I'd like (at least optionally) to see in addition is the line
containing the tag, like you might see in a web search:

> 1 - Journal:2014:07:16
>> 2014-07-16@03:45 // #checkout @Murat's current implementation of the
auto completion plugin for #ZimWiki (latest post, attachment
autocompletion.py): https://bugs.launchpad.net/zim/+bug/1322201

I'm mainly using tags to make it easier to find things in my journal /
personal log, which consists of many small entries. Each entry is a single
line of up to paragraph length. Currently I enter them in files outside of
Zim and periodically import them (I'm still working out my system); in Zim
I put the entries for each day on that day's Calendar/Journal page. When I
search for a tag I would like to see a collection of these little entries
instead of having to click through to a bunch of journal pages and find
them within the pages. I would also find this sort of preview useful for
the occasional tags I use on "normal" Zim pages.

Out of curiosity I (re-)installed the Task List plugin (I tried it out a
while back, before my current log/journal experiments) and it basically
does what I want! A non-Todo-oriented plugin could reuse Task List code if
someone wanted to do that, but for now I can just "misuse" Task List by
putting checkboxes on my entries and telling Task List to index "1 -
Journal". Thanks for pointing me in that direction!

Every time I think I've bumped against a limit of Zim, I end up even more
impressed with it -- what a great program!

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