Running elementary OS' "Luna" version, which is Ubuntu 12.04 with a
gnome-based we called "Gala".

This uses the "new-style" indicator icons hosted in a "wingpanel" along the
top. I also am running a Cairo-dock desklet called "Notification Area Old"
because recent Dropbox versions only show up there ("classic" Gnome
systray) rather than the new style.

I used to have a nice indicator icon in the right spot, but I just updated
via your PPA (deb
precise main) and at first launch an icon showed up in BOTH tray applets.
At second launch now it only shows in the old-style cairo-dock one.

If I quit Zim, disable the old handler and relaunch Zim, then the icon
shows in the right place.

So issue #1 - it seems that the previous version of Zim on Linux gave
priority to a new-style indicator handler, whereas the new version
prioritizes for the "classic Gnome" old style.

Issue #2 - the new-style handling allows for theming the icon (eOS uses a
dark-mono panel), when I replaced
/usr/share/icons/hicolor/22x22/apps/zim.png with the nice mono icon I
converted from ubuntu-mono-dark, it shows up perfectly in wingpanel, but
the old-style systray icon is still the default lary color one - is that
somehow hard-coded like Skype's? Replacing the scaleable SVG one didn't
help either.

Issue #3 - the old-style icon handling code duplicates the icon for EVERY
notebook opened, and leaves ALL of them there even after a given notebook
is closed. You have to right-click/quit each one explicitly to reclaim yor
panel real-estate.

I realize mine is a heck of an edge case, and perhaps of the three, only #3
is serious, if indeed it is reproducible in other wm/DE's. But if you do
re-visit this area of the code, #1 is most important AFAIC, I'd think the
previous behavior makes more sense.

If you think these are indeed bugs, let me know if you want me to post them
to the tracker, and as one report or separately.

And thanks again for a fantastic app, and your ongoing responsiveness in
keeping it updated.
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