On Monday, August 18, 2014 16:51:35 Greg Warner wrote:
> There actually is a bounty for adding tables as a feature.

I hope this isn't noise, but I think the reason that such a popular request 
hasn't been fulfilled is because it is much easier to generate html/js/ than to 
render and interpret it. There was a python browser:
27k lines in 1999...

There are js spreadsheets:
http://jsfiddle.net/ondras/hYfN3/ (minimal)
https://ethercalc.org/ (insane! :-) )

There are gtk renderers you could pull in:

How you'd mix them in with the plain text files (a CSI, maybe just a standard 
html header) and show them inline with the rest of the text in the existing 
program I don't know (and haven't looked at the code frankly). Or how you would 
edit it?

> Just in case this helps, I get a bitmap representation from copy-pasting
> from Libre-calc, which is fine most of the time.
> And I just link to the file when I want to launch the full app for editing.

:-) Nice, just as I was writing this. I was /about/ to say that my only real 
idea was to use /something like/ what the kde tk had for rendering a webpage to 
an image (maybe gtk has this, dunno) and then clicking on the image would 
simply bring up a text editor window, but that's a great work-around with zero 
coding. Good one hans!

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