Good evening,

just to point out existing solution, there has been already a discussion
regarding mentioned recursive extraction, so possibly it may be useful to

All the best, JK

On 8 October 2014 09:55, Paulo van Breugel <> wrote:

> I can't help with the technical question, but would certainly be
> interested to test any solution :-)
>   On Tuesday, October 7, 2014 4:46 PM, NorfCran <>
> wrote:
> Hi Paulo,
> it is quite handy feature, at some point I was looking for something
> similar some. I have made a dirty python script to cover my demands.
> I would like to share a use case also related to export of content
> (recursively). Initially the script went through content from
> currently opened page (top page), collected links (kept order of links
> in text). In this way each link to a subpage was replaced with its
> content (recursively for each page until it reached end page with no
> more links to subpages). At the same time the script also generated
> table of content with few other adjustments to content of each page.
> It allowed me to structure each chapter like a subpage and when time
> came I applied the mentioned script, got one long page in a clipboard,
> created a new page of derived content from the hierarchical structure,
> exported it to latex and my thesis got almost ready to be shipped :D
> So in deed I am interested in this feature and possibly I can try to
> create the plugin. The only technical question I have is about the
> insex, whether it is possible to get order of links from a page
> content and if not, than I am interested how difficult would it be to
> make it possible? I often use links to subpages and would like to
> reflect the order in index of the side panel, this is useful for
> switching pages by Alt-PgUp and Alt-PgDn. Thank you for any feedback.
> All the best,
> NorfCran
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