I'm reworking the index at the moment, not sure if it will be much faster
when a full re-index is needed, but at least it should be more robust for
detecting deltas in the index. So hope it will remove the need to re-index

For completeness can you refer the bug report you mentioned?



On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 7:44 AM, WEHLER Andreas <> wrote:

> Hi.
> I'd like to confirm the reported bug, it has hit me quite often.
> One of my most frequently used zim books with collected public knowledge,
> attachments and WEB-links has this footprint:
>    Files:  1270
>    Pages:   856
>    Size:   53MiB
> After removing the related .zim/* the index is reorganized and the
> notebook is usable again. I love this robustness and the separation between
> data and management in .zim dir (index, state etc). Thanks a lot, Jaap (!!)
> For the tasklist the index has to be rebuilt, which takes around 4 minutes
> and more, giving a performance of 5 files per second. The names of
> processed
> files are displayed on the run, it feels quite slow.
>      System:  Ubuntu 14.04; x86_64, 2 CPU(s), 3 GHz, 8 GiB memory.
> The zim book is rsync'ed to and from a removable media daily, to be used at
> several places, leaving the .zim management directory out.
> So far I've ignored the problem, assuming the cause in .zim dir being out
> of
> sync. But in the middle of the work the effect may happen also, which does
> not fit with the assumption.
> Zim Versions in use, without difference in this aspect:
>    Zim 0.60
>    Zim 0.62
> Best regards,
>     Andreas
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