I think actually zim would make an really nice tablet/phone application. It's primarily text based, with a simple and useful interface, that doesn't take up a lot of screen real estate. Since it makes evernote look stupid by comparison, it just might do well on ios or on android. Again it's just one man's opinion.

I'll have to check out codiad, I've never used it personally.

Now using html5 to create guis is a pretty good idea overall, at least in theory. I'm not sure how responsive it would be. A google search gives me a few candidates, each of which has their own flaws:

Somehow they 'compile' the html and css in phonegap to speed up performance. I'm not sure how that works. There is no direct desktop support, though some have hacked the output to support that.

free for noncommercial, not sure if they support the desktop probably not.

 This is actually javascript based.

Google supposedly has an html gui toolkit
It's java based. Google is even worse than microsoft at abandoning their projects so I just don't know.

However since we all like python, perhaps looking at this cross platform toolkit is a good idea, outside of the usual pygtk or pyqt/pyside wrappers.



On 03/21/2015 07:39 AM, Svenn Are Bjerkem wrote:

I am probably getting too old because I don't understand what you mean by HTML5 solutions. All I know is that the HTML solutions for wikis were textarea and cgi to put data on the server. Maybe the '5' in HTML5 makes the difference, but I don't know what that implies.

I have recently started to use Codiad for sharing editing of files accross my various platforms, and I like it. This is kind of old-school ajax with php and javascript, but it is an editor with a native file structure on the server. The server is self-hosted because Codiad is free beer and speach so I don't have to bother about lock-in stragegies of Google or Apple. When I use Codiad to work on my various code and text, I often think that this would also be a great platform for a desktop wiki like zim if the file system is anyway shared on something like seafile, sparkleshare or owncloud. It is a GUI in the browser.

As a desktop wiki, I find zim almost feature complete (except for hijacking .txt for its own purpose) and moving from gtk2 to gtk3 is just going with the development of gtk. Those who have ported from qt3 to qt4 to qt5 know that that is not just a walk in the park. I am afraid that mixing in iOS and Android will just cripple zim to become something totally different, and less useful, than the zim we have today.


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