Hi Graham

I'm not Zim guru bot only user.  I try to address some of your points.

On 3 May 2015 at 18:46, Graham Foster <gandalfmeis...@gmail.com> wrote:
> a)      How do you delete attachments from the attachment pane?

From attachment pane you can open file browser.  I do delete
attachment from here.  One more think I love is that I can open
terminal window from the file browser.

> b)      How do you open a wiki created externally? (e.g. synced via drop
> box) the Open wiki page “Add” button assumes you are creating a wiki – and
> doesn’t let you open an existing wiki?

What do you mean externally?  Zim is one user application.  It do not
handle multiple Zims opening the same wiki.  What I use, I have one of
my wikis on SyncThing volume.  (Something like Dropbox, but open
source and you have full control over all the copies)

> a.       If you find then double click on an existing wiki it opens (if you
> have the correct association) – but it doesn’t add it to the list of wiki’s
> in the Open dialogue?

Sorry, I'm long time UNIX admin and do not understand what you wrote.

> c)       No table support?.. and no plugin’s for table support? L

Up to my knowledge, no table support and not even planned.  What I do
If I want something in table form is to use monospace font (Format /
Verbatim or Ctrl+T).  I know this is not perfect but I can live with

I understand that Zim is simple and easy tool which is very handy.  It
lacks of many features people might like.  But, ... if author start
adding these features,  Zim will no more be simple and easy as it is
now.  See the bloatware everywhere.  I rather have zim as it is.

The best feature, the absolute killer stuff is the data format.  After
I upgraded zim to newer version and it stop working because of "Linux
distribution".  When It happened I was able search through the wiki
and find my note addressing this particular problem on my OS.  And had
a running Zim in few minutes.

> d)      When syncing wiki’s (via dropbox) between differently configured
> instances of Zim (Linux & windows) I keep getting “old” pages back that
> aren’t linked properly. Are other successfully using a cloud storage system
> to sync between instances (in which case I’ll persist!), or is this a known
> issue?

Sorry,  I left Dropbox behind me a few years ago.  One of the many
reasons why, were problems with lower/capital letters in file names.
As an UNIX admin I constantly fall into troubles with this.


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