Thanks Jaap,

Yes, the hack worked perfectly, I meant that in my previous message. Dialog sizes are remembered only between restarts, so it is not that big issue if zim is restarted once per week.


On 04.10.2015 18:57, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
Hi Eugene,

The checkboxes should be resizable with the hack in the message Marco referred. If it does not show, just try an integer pixel size. Could make this an option in style.conf.

Using unicode checkboxes is attractive but does not make the checkboxes stand out properly.

The index pane rendering (4) is really in the Gtk theming, not zim specific at all I think.

Dialog sizes should be remembered, but apparently this fails in some cases.

Probably all the things you mention are fixable, but hard for me to give specific instructions as I can not play around with a high DPI display myself.



On Sun, Oct 4, 2015 at 12:09 PM, Женя Петкевич (Gene Petkevich) < <>> wrote:

    Thanks Marco,

    I changed widget size to ICON_SIZE_DIALOG and now it is just like

    It may be an idea to use Unicode checkboxes (☐☑☒) just in the way
    as regular bullet points are used.  Then it will be automatically
    resized with font.

    I have tried to find where is indentation and triangle in page
    index are defined, but didn't manage.  If anybody knows, it would
    be nice to make a quick fix there too.

    Eugene Petkevich

    On 03.10.2015 18:01, Marco Cevoli wrote:

        Regarding item 1 you can take a look here:

        I requested the same some time ago.


        Marco Cevoli

        On Sat, Oct 3, 2015 at 2:05 PM, Женя Петкевич (Gene Petkevich)
        < <>>

            Hi all,

            I wonder how is possible to configure Zim to support High
            DPI screens?  I
            currently have one, and most of stuff is working correctly
            except for the
            following things:
            1) checkboxes are very small and barely visible
            2) other icons are very small too
            3) dialog boxes (like adding link) are too small by
            default (after each
            restart I resize them again and again)
            4) arrows in the left pane are barely visible and
            indentation there is very
            5) tabs in the content are are too small too

            Item 5) can be easily fixed by changing pixel indentation
            constant in
            Item 1) is very important to me and I have tried to
            replace images of
            checkboxes with bigger onen, but that didn't change anything.
            For me Items 1) and 4) are the most important.

            So I wonder if there any easy fixes for now to cope with
            that?  And also
            regarding changes in code, is it possible to change
            without breaking the
            program architecture?  I would be happy to contribute to Zim.

            Best regards,
            Eugene Petkevich

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