Yes, it should be possible, but it will require some trial and error to get
it to work.

The easy way is to find a gtk theme that enables it.

But you can also override the theme:

The way to control it is the gtkrc, see for an example how to
make the treeview more compact using the gtkrc config.

There is a GtkTreeView::tree-line-pattern property and a related
""grid-line-width"" that seem to do this, but limitted documentation
available online.

If you google a bit for gtk theming forums you can probable figure out what
to put in the file to enable it.



P.S. in the application I do enable gridlines explicitly, so it should show
when the theme enables it

On Tue, Jan 26, 2016 at 8:23 PM, Jeff Goatcher <> wrote:

> Hello
> is it possible [and how!] to add lines to the treeview, as in the attached
> image [taken of MyInfo]?
> Many thanks
> Jeff
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