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I have a similar question, but with regard to restructuredtext files. Is there
a way to instruct zim to use *.rst as the default format for the zim pages? 


2016/03/29 10:27:02, Agustin Lobo:
> I observe that only files with extension *.txt are recognized by zim
> as pages. I.e. a file named test1.txt within folder Tests within the notebook
> tree appears in the left index and is displayed in zim, but the same file
> named does not.
> As I have a number of *.md files I would be interested on zim recognizing them
> as if they were named *.txt
> If in the future zim interprets markdown, we would get the md files
> formatted. By now
> I can live seeing the raw markdown text.
> So, my request: could the extension *.md (and *.Rmd) be dealt as if it
> were *.txt by zim?
> Thanks
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> Agustin Lobo
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