Update: I have the same problem on LaTeXila 

Mouse copy from outside of LaTeXila into a LaTeXila page works, but marking 
something inside a page and trying to directly insert it elsewhere on the same 
page doesn't. Insert also doesn't work anymore after pressing a button, e.g., 
to bolden a word. So it seems the same behavior as for zim.

Don't know anything about the implementation of zim or LaTeXila so I can't make 
conclusions what causes this behavior. The code for LaTeXila is here, 
https://git.gnome.org/browse/latexila, and they also have a copy on github, 
https://github.com/GNOME/latexila. Maybe someone else sees the parallels 
between zim and LaTeXila.


On 02/12/16 05:44, Karthik Tayur wrote:
I've observed this happening only in case I format text on a page. Jumping
to a new page, primary click to place cursor doesn't seem to empty the
It's limited to Hella's 2nd instance alone for me.

(Arch Linux: XFCE)

On 1 December 2016 at 14:09, mc <m...@alienheartbeat.com> wrote:

Thanks Hella, you are right.

To clarify, my experience is the same as Hella's except in 2)
I  can select something on a page, then middle click, and it will be
AS LONG AS I don't do anything else.
eg if I even just left click to mark the place the buffer gets emptied.

It seems most actions within zim (eg left click, changing pages, 'Strg+2')
cause the buffer to be emptied.


On 2016-12-01 20:43, Hella Riede wrote:

Hi all,

this is Hella (mentioned by mc). I use Linux Mint Maya (based long-term
support version Ubuntu Precise) with Cinnamon.

For me, mouse copy (mark, then insert by middle click) into zim ...

1) works when marking something somewhere outside of zim (e.g., terminal,
vim, browser) then change to zim and directly use the middle button on the
already opened k, then insert by middle click) into zim ...

1) works when marking something somewhere outside of zim (e.g., terminal,
vim, browser) then change to zim and directly use the middle button on the
already opened page
2) does *not* work within zim, e.g., marking something on a page, then
middle click somewhere on the same page won't insert anything
3) does *not* work when marking something outside of zim, then go to zim,
format something first, for example use 'Strg+2' to make a headline or
change to another page, then press the middle button somewhere -> nothing

So it seems when I am already in zim, the buffer is never filled. When I
am outside of zim, the buffer is filled, but emptied when doing something
in zim like formatting a headline or change to another page.

I never experienced problems with the mouse copy anywhere else on Linux
besides zim.

Best wishes,

On 01/12/16 09:23, mc wrote:

(I hope hope this is the right way to post to a mailing list!!)

As another datapoint, I have the same problem
in Zim on kde in Kubuntu 14.04 on multiple machines.
I notice that Hella Reide raised the same problem 19/May this year,
but I didn't see any reply or solution.

Middle-click works correctly in everything else.

For me, and I suspect for Hella
middle-click works within the same Zim page
and it works pasting from Zim to an outside kate/kwrite page,
but when you try to paste into another Zim page
nothing happens,
AND the buffer is cleared.

How do I know the buffer is cleared?
Because after trying to paste to another Zim page,
I can no longer paste to an external kate/kwrite page.

I don't think this is Jaap's problem - it is very platform specific.
But I have been trying to find a solution for a few year
and haven’t found one yet.


On 2016-12-01 02:16, Chris Habasinski wrote:

Works for me too - xubuntu 16.04

On 11/30/2016 12:58 PM, Steffen Schuldenzucker wrote:

Hi Marco,

this works for me (ubuntu, xmonad/LXDE) without any problems.
(just to point out that it's not broken for /everyone/ /all/ the time)

Best, Steffen

On 11/30/16 02:09, arkilho arkilho wrote:

Hello everybody,
this is Marco from Italy, just subscribed with the purpose of asking
you whether there is some internal use of the primary selection that
forbids me (and maybe some of us) to just paste the selected text by
middle mouse click.
This is the good (or at least simple) old cutbuffer, now became X11
primary selection.

I use Debian Jessie with XFCE4, and Zim is my most useful way of
storing my infos, and the primary selection to middle click is my
most useful and fast way to cut&paste, expecially from terminals
like rxvt, but also from firefox selected text..

Did you ever missed this?
Do you have something to suggest me that differs from (for ex)
"throw xfce, use gnome, and write gsettings set
org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.mouse middle-button-enabled

As far as I've seen until now, except from some virtual machines,
Zim is really the only software I use that cannot benefit from this
nice feature, so I'm at least wondering if there are some constrains
that will break Zim, internals, boh

Thank you!

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