Some progress with the revert. I give some details, in case others also want to 
revert to an old version.
To uninstall a python package installed via, follow instructions 
below. Basically, this advises re-downloading the package files (if needed), 
then re-running with a flag so it will tell what files it installed 
and where, then deleting those files. See
I did that, and indeed my earlier zim install ran. However, the delete (as it 
is wont to do), leaves some vestigial empty directories (or trees) in 
/usr/local/share/zim. (By 'trees' I mean there may be some directories with no 
non-directory descendants.) So (recursively) delete those (or just rename them).
You might also have to delete (or rename) 
(BTW, of course it's best to do this without zim running. Also, if you 
uninstalled older versions of zim, you'll have to reinstall them. Might even 
need uninstall then reinstall to get a clean setup.)
(One other thing: you may want to prevent your software updating process from 
updating zim. I found putting a 'hold' on zim didn't work. So I took out the 
zim repository from the list the updating process checks.)

On Friday, June 23, 2017, 5:26:24 PM PDT, mc <> wrote:

 Just as another datapoint in case it is helpful,
 I have found Zim 0.67-rc2 from trusty main
 on Kubuntu 14.04
 completely stable. No crashes or hangs.
 I have the links-moving problem 
 but it is otherwise working well.
  On 2017-06-24 04:56, Loren Rosen wrote:
  I'd like to go back to 0.65, because 0.67-rc2 has too many bugs (amongst 
other things, it crashes or hangs 2-4 times a day; sometimes along with the 
apparent gui hang zim will use 100% of one the CPU cores). (Think some of the 
bugs are in 0.66 too.) 
  Anyway, I've tried various things, but 0.67-rc2 is still around. I'm handy 
with the command-line, but I'm hoping to avoid having to delete everything 
zim-related via 'find' (except my notebooks) and then reinstall the deb file. 
  This is on ubuntu 16.04  
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