The New Challenge to Microsoft

As the government's antitrust lawsuit winds down, Microsoft's next battle may be a 
knock-down, drag-out fight against Linux. Like Microsoft's Windows, Linux is a 
computer operating system, but written and updated by volunteer programmers in a 
communitarian spirit, and available for free. If Linux spreads, Microsoft could see 
the first real challenge to its dominance of the operating-system software market. For 
consumers, that would be good news.  More...

What makes the New York Times editorial interesting is that a mainstream newspaper and 
editorial writer is suggesting that Linux could compete successfully with Microsoft on 
the desktop.  This is the first time I've read anything like it.

John W. Redelfs                                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]
President J. Reuben Clark warned: "The ravening wolves 
are amongst us, from our own membership, and they, 
more than any others, are clothed in sheep's clothing, 
because they wear the habiliments of the Priesthood….  
We should be careful of them." (CR April 1949, p. 163.) 
(Teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, p.354)

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