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Your comments on education are right on target. That is one of our major problems as a 
society. Far too many Americans do not study their history (or anyone else's, for that 
matter). This means that we are apt to repeat it - over and over and over again. It is 
the same cycle as taught in the Book of Mormon: Peace and blessings and posterity 
leads to pride in our own abilities, which leads to sin and destruction, and finally 
(we hope) humility and the desire to repent and come unto the Father again. My fear is 
that those of us who belond to "Generation X" (or whatever they call themselves) who 
have no real experience with combat and a real war will just nod their heads in 
approval to whatever the media and the Bush administration proclaims as gospel. It's 
like the old adage of "if it's in print, then it must be true!" that plagued my 
grandparents' generation.

Generation X had better be cautious in what they approve.  While we no longer have a 
draft, if we had a war severe enough, the draft could be reinstated in a blink of an 
eye.  And we need to remember that there are probably already thousands of Al Qaeda 
and other Islamic extremists that could be easily "activate" in the case of a war 
against Saddam, or any other Islamic state, for that matter.

You name it, small pox, anthrax, genetically engineered Ebola, maybe even West Nile 
Virus.  The don't have to defeat us in battle, all they have to is keep us off 
balance, and make a big enough stink to cause our stock market to crash or to drive 
our nation into another "recession."
Tell me, when does a recession become a depression?

Your friend and brother,
John W. Redelfs, [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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