>  The legal, or recognized, government, based in Yamoussoukro (an
> capital like Ottawa, Canberra and Ajuba -- the biggest city is Abidjan,
on the coast), officially asked for French and US help.

Okay, if you say so.  But none of your links gave any indication that the
Ivory Coast government asked for the help.  At this point it seems to be
only implied because they aren't screaming about anyone improperly
meddling.  No doubt the government enjoys the help it has gotten from
France and the US.  It's just that I have not heard or read anything where
they actually asked for it, or were offered and accepted.

At this point the articles I've read about it indicate that the French and
US troops are not taking any part in the battle; they just went into Bouake
and removed the foreign nationals that were in the city.

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