At 23:28 10/4/2002 +0800, Bishop Mark wrote:

>Napolean started with his Grande Armee towards Russia with about 500,000 
>men.  The 10,000 that barely survived escaped  Russia in early 
>December.  So 80,000 Russian losses were not so bad, all things 
>considered.  Napolean got his just desserts.

That was just one day's fighting. I also had in mind the terrible toll on 
the Russian people, displaced and fending for themselves, the incredible 
mess that was left of Moscow (admittedly, by Russian hands) and so 
forth.  The cost of war is so dreadfully high.  Way beyond what the 
statistics give.

>How many dead soldiers have been shipped back to the US in this latest 
>Afghan war?

Judging from a conversation I had with a chap at my brother's funeral in 
North Carolina, more than the US public is aware.  He works on the base 
there, where all the families of the special forces are staying.  I don't 
even want to know.

Yes, we (the people of the US) would fight an enemy pretty ferociously if 
they attacked.  (the movie "the russians are coming" comes to mind to give 
me a chuckle) but "we" can't see the how the enemy of all righteousness has 
us in his grips.   We're in Babylon, gang, there's no two ways about 
it.  Do we embrace it's ways?  Aren't we out trying to make a buck?  Aren't 
we concerned with worldly things each and every day/hour of our 
lives?  Here I am sitting at my computer.  It has become the very symbol of 
Babylon.  I'm bowing before this idol of "stone"  Acchhghhhh  enough, you 
can tell I'm not feeling well today .......


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