Actually, I think that there is a realistic way for Mexico to invade Canada,
to see if Canada's entire 55,000 member armed forces could beat the Mexican
army.  Since the US already lets the Mexican army come onto Indian lands in
Arizona to protect the drug smugglers, the US could just extend a little
corridor of land for the Indians all the way up to the Canadian border,
which, of course, the Mexican army would immediately enter.

Don't you think that this would work?


Dan R Allen wrote:
> Mark:
> But that's just what I refuse to do: concede that any country  can do an
> overseas invasion of Canada.
> You have heard of wargaming.  I mean the real stuff done by the military,
> not the Saturday afternoon fantasies of teenage boys.  Do a wargame of an
> overseas invasion of Canada.  You will be quite astounded at how hard it
> would be to invade.
> Dan:
> Wasn't the movie "Red Dawn" about the possibility of an overseas invasion?
> Granted, it was an invasion of the US, but if it'll work here....
> Not to say that I disagree with you, but if a planner is able to 'think
> outside the box' there _might_ be a way to successfully invade either the
> US or Canada. But a full scale invasion is not realistic; our enemies have
> found other easier ways to take us over.

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