On Fri, 04 Oct 2002 11:58:06 -0400, "Elmer L. Fairbank"
> Yes, we (the people of the US) would fight an enemy pretty ferociously if 
> they attacked.  (the movie "the russians are coming" comes to mind to
> give 
> me a chuckle) but "we" can't see the how the enemy of all righteousness
> has 
> us in his grips.   We're in Babylon, gang, there's no two ways about 
> it.  Do we embrace it's ways?  Aren't we out trying to make a buck? 
> Aren't 
> we concerned with worldly things each and every day/hour of our 
> lives?  Here I am sitting at my computer.  It has become the very symbol
> of 
> Babylon.  I'm bowing before this idol of "stone"  Acchhghhhh  enough, you 
> can tell I'm not feeling well today .......

Elf, my friend,

Sorry you are not feeling well. Neither am I, and my wife keeps thinking
of you every time she thinks of me not feeling well. I guess I'm going to
have to visit a doctor just to quiet her nerves. Meanwhile, I hope you
are feeling better by the time you receive this.

To answer your question, no, not all of us are worshiping the money god
of Babylon. For instance, I know that Jo and I, and our children, could
be much more financially comfortable if she were to get a job. So what. I
remain scraping the bottom of the paycheck barrel because the Lord has
told us the wife's place is in the home, and then has provided me with a
job (barely) sufficient to allow that. I will go ask the bishop for help
from the storehouse before I will ask my wife to go to work.

I spend long hours each day at a job that I have for the sole purpose of
obtaining money sufficient for my family, but when I go home (with the
exception of when I am on pager duty) I leave the job behind. I _do_
spend time on the computer at home, but it is not (again, except for when
on pager duty) work, but relaxation. I spend much more time reading.

I have considerable reason to try to justify myself in embrasing Babylon,
but refuse to do so. Oh, once in a while a moment of weekness overtakes
me and I backslide. Then I repent, ask forgiveness, and go on.

I sometimes dispair at the world around me. I agree with JWR that our
government is in the hands of Gadiantons. There is little I can do about
it. My two oldest daughters deny any beleif in the church, and the oldest
(18) is now pregnant and unmarried as well as refusing to speak to me
(except when she needs something). Three of my other children live far
away and I see them very seldom.

Hey, sometimes life sucks like that. So what. You pick up and go on. That
was the whole point of the Book of Job in the bible was it not. I
certainly haven't suffered as Job did. And Job didn't suffer as Crist
did. I am a son of God and can overcome all that is placed before me. As
long as I don't disable myself with sin I have the inate ability to
overcome all that this life will present me. So do you!

That is the great beauty of the Living Gospel. No matter the depth of the
mire the world presents you with, if you focus on the gospel, there is
nothing but optimissm possible! How can you lose? You are a child of God!
All things are possible if you but listen and do as He asks! Not only
that, but we stand to inherit all that He has!

Yes, sometimes that focus is hard to hold. I _KNOW_ how hard it can be.
It doesn't matter, though, since we have been shown the way by many
examples. We just have to pick up and go on.


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