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>Right, but Bill was relating how he feels. We're not as comfortable with Moslems as 
>we are with other Christians, even those Christians with whom we share little in 
>common (in some cases, there are groups, like Ismailis, with whom we might have more 
>in common than we would with other Christians, imo, ironically).

I am just as comfortable with Moslems and Buddhists as I am with traditional 
Christians, perhaps more so.  Moslems and Buddhists have a much better excuse for 
their ignorance.  Traditional Christians are sinning against a much greater light when 
they reject the servants of God, our missionaries.  It is not a coincidence that 
nearly all foaming-at-mouth anti-Mormons are so-called Christians.  It was primarily 
these other Christian denominations that the Lord had reference to when he told Joseph 
that their creeds were an abomination and all their professors corrupt.

Of course, I am aware that this attitude is no longer politically correct in the 
Church.  But it is the attitude that I share with such men as Smith, Young, Talmage, 
and McConkie.  So I feel that I am in good company.  I won't forget what falsehood 
this gospel has freed me from.  My own mother wouldn't join me in the gospel because 
her Baptist friends persuaded her that she had lost me to a cult.  She threw the 
missionaries out of her home half way through the first missionary discussion, a 
discussion the she had agreed to only because I was her son.  I have more hope for the 
alcoholics and drug addicts in this world than I do for my mother.  How many people 
actually get a chance to throw Mormon missionaries out of their home?  The Lord will 
judge her, not I.  But he has made clear who is saved in the Kingdom of God, and who 
is damned.  And it all hinges on believing Christ and his missionaries.  If we believe 
in Christ and accept his one true baptism, then we are saved in the Kingdom of God.  
And if we don't, we aren't.  It is actually pretty cut and dried, black and white.

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