There is a common misconception in the world at large.  It is that one man's opinion 
is as good as another.  This is simply false.  Every man has the same right to voice 
his opinion.  This is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights which protects free speech.  
But that is not the same as saying that all opinions are equally good.  Some opinions 
are just plain false, while others are true.

Keeping this in mind, it is clear that a man with a true opinion is way ahead of the 
man with only a false one.  And it makes no sense whatever to me to give them an equal 
hearing.  A right to speak or write in no way implies my right to listen or not.  
Another can spout complete nonsense.  That is his right.  But I have no obligation to 
hear him.

Keeping this in mind, when a saint on one of these Internet email discussion lists 
uses the argument, "Well, that is what the <insert your favorite denomination or 
religion here> say," my response is "So what?"  My opinion is the right one.  His is 
nonsense.  What do I care if his participation with the Moslems, Protestants, 
Catholics, Jews, etc. lead him to his false opinions?  He is wrong with his religion.  
But because I have the gift of the Holy Ghost and follow true prophets of Jesus 
Christ, my opinions are correct.

I just don't understand the logic of "but he said."  Not all opinions are of equal 
merit.  Many of them are just plain wrong.

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