We're being told on the FAIR list to contact the Church Distribution Centre and
urge them to stock it. I'm certainly going to put in my "vote". I'm *so*
impressed because of the presence of Dean Stendahl, probably the most senior
Lutheran theologian in the world today. My German Lutheran doctor, who is younger
than I and has young children, has asked me a couple of times why I left the
German Lutheran church (a considerably more liberal denomination than what
appears to pass for Lutheranism in North America these days -- my aunt just
shakes her head and bites her lip when she's asked to comment), and because it
was always during a medical exam, I felt I never had the time to really answer
him but promised him that if we ever had the chance to see each other socially,
when we had more time, we'd talk about it. Well, I think I will with no
hesitation whatsoever defer to Bishop Stendahl, and if I have to make a written
transcript the hard way, I will.

I also loved Elder Holland and Pres. Packer's performance, as well as the
animated Prof. Schiffman (now there's a Jew's Jew for you!) and Truman and Ann
Madsen. Are the latter two husband and wife -- anybody know?

Gary Smith wrote:

> I agree with Marc that it was an excellent program given in between
> sessions (I saw it today). I was impressed that they took the time to get
> some great quotes from Schiffman and Cross, who are a couple of my
> favorite scholars. Cross is well known for ancient Hebrew script. You
> place a script in front of him, and he can date it within a decade or so
> of when it was written, just by the slight differences that came about in
> the script over the centuries.
> I'd like to have a copy of the video/transcript also.
> It definitely becomes an evidence of non-LDS scholars who are impressed
> on at least one Mormon aspect: the temple.
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