Geoff Fowler:

What was your favorite conference address?


Strictly in order of personal preference and enjoyment:

1.  Elder Eyring's Sunday morning talk on callings.
2.  Elder Holland's Saturday afternoon talk on sacrifice 
     and service.
3.  Elder Maxwell's Saturday morning talk on the vision 
     of true disciples.
4.  Elder Packer's priesthood meeting talk on patriarchal 

I enjoyed parts of other talks from an administrative and 
learning point of view and for use in training opportunities.

Still other talks were even more important to me in terms 
of what will become personal guidance during the next 
six months.  Of course, some things I most enjoy I need 
to repent of, so these didn't fall in the personal preference 
category above.

I also was amused and am convinced that one of the 
conference talks was written and given specifically for the 
personal benefit of the person who gave the talk, even 
though the counsel was excellent for all members.

Larry Jackson

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