Vic wrote:
September 11th was a defining moment in history, it showed that America 
could be attacked within her own borders; it didn't need an ICBM as has 
been the thinking.

It would be tragic that when (not if) it happens again; and what could be 
the outcome (will cities not buildings lay waste)?

Lastely, could it have been prevented? Will the thinking of no war still be 

I have nothing against going to war against an invading enemy as long as we 
let him get in the first blow.  And if I were certain that Saddam Hussein 
had ordered the 9-11 attack, then I would be the first to shout hurray when 
the USA strikes back.  But I am not certain, nor have I heard of anyone who 
is certain.  And I am opposed to going to war because of what someone might 
do.  Let Saddam hit us with his best shot, up front where we can all see 
that he is the one who did it, and then take him out with all we've got.

I am not opposed to war.  I am opposed to unrighteous war.  It is better 
for a few thousands or even hundreds of thousands of us to die, than for 
the whole nation to become dishonorable and defile the memory of our 
righteous forefathers.  Let the other guy take his best shot, then tear his 
meat house down.  But the nation that attacks first is the aggressor.  And 
the Lord will not justify us or fight our battles for us if we are the 

I am not a pacifist.  I just want sufficient provocation first.  And 
sufficient provocation is needed when a war will undoubted cost hundreds of 
thousands and perhaps even hundreds of millions of lives.  Ever since July 
16, 1945 the world has been a powder keg waiting to explode.  And I don't 
want my country to be the one to set it off.  Once the fight starts there 
is not telling who else might get involved.  And what starts as a regional 
skirmish can escalate into a global war of mass destruction.  I believe 
that something like that is inevitable by and by.  But I don't want to be 
responsible for lighting the fuse.  I don't want my country to be 
responsible for it either.

How many might die here in the USA if Saddam gets his weapons of mass 
destruction?  Compare that with how many might die if we get into an all 
out, rather than terrorist, war.  We nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing 
tens of thousands of women and children; and we justify this be pointing 
out how many of our troops would have been killed if we had ended the war 
with a conventional invasion.  Well, by the same logic, we gain nothing by 
saving a few lives that might be killed by terrorists if we get into a war 
that kills more Americans than WWII.

Maybe I'm wrong.  But I was filled with blood lust during the Vietnam 
War.  And I have lived to be ashamed of myself and my country.  I don't 
want to make the same mistake twice.

John W. Redelfs                          [EMAIL PROTECTED]
"It is an eternal principle that has existed with God from all
Eternity that that man who rises up to condemn others,
finding fault with the Church, saying that they are out of the
way while he himself is righteous, then know assuredly that
that man is in the high road to apostacy...."  (Ehat & Cook,
All my opinions are tentative pending further data. --JWR

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