And it is a terrible tragedy. Anytime innocent peoples are killed to make
a statement, then it is a definite tragedy.
And you are right, it is a movement. Clearly there are those nations that
definitely support this movement by their actions. Saddam has shown by
his actions that he supports terrorists. He may not be Muslim, but he
pays the check for many actions. In our nation, we call that aiding and
abetting. Iraq is a threat, moreso than Pakistan (whose government is
friendly toward us and enabling our war right now). That could change,
but for now Iraq is one of the big boys on the block, with an agenda of
greater power. Leopards don't change their spots, and Saddam's spots are
very visible from decades of war and destruction. 
K'aya K'ama,
Gerald/gary  Smith    gszion1    http://www
"No one is as hopelessly enslaved as the person who thinks he's free."  -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I trust everyone's heard about the terrible tragedy in Bali. A car bomb
outside a nightclub favoured mostly by Australian tourists, although some
Germans and Canadians have also been identified amongst the 139 killed
and 174
injured so far (only a few victims have been identified at this point).
Australia has
called it a national tragedy.
Just so you know that it's not the "U.S." per se that's under attack here
-- it's the
western world, and it's not a single nation-state that is attacking us.
It's a
movement, not a country.

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