No, it isn't hypocrisy. It is realizing that our one nation only has so
much power and ability to stop wrong things from occurring. Imagine how
many would die had we attacked the Soviets or Chinese, in order to stop
their slaughtering of their own peoples? Back then, we did not have a
human rights agenda. In fact, it wasn't until WWII that we fully emerged
out of our isolationist mode. We were not fully aware of Stalin's killing
fields in the Ukraine until after it occurred. We all had just gone
through a World War. We did not have the strength to fight another giant
battle, especially when Europe was still being rebuilt.
Later, when Chairman Mao was killing his own, it would have meant a major
war to fight them, because the Soviets would have joined on their side.
We did our best to contain communism, knowing we didn't have the ability
to defeat it at that time (we still don't). 
When Amalickiah was killing the Lamanite king and slaughtering others in
the Lamanite lands, why didn't Moroni march in and stop it? Isn't he
hypocritical? No. He had certain capabilities, and a reality of what he
was able to accomplish.

We currently have the strength to battle Saddam and keep him from
becoming a nuclear power, or peddling that power to the nearest
terrorist. Russia and China are a little more mature in their attitudes.
They don't seem to have the desire to risk a nuclear holocaust with us.
However, if a renegade terrorist gets a weapon, just who do we punish? 
It is better to stop renegade nations from wielding such massive power.

K'aya K'ama,
Gerald/gary  Smith    gszion1    http://www
"No one is as hopelessly enslaved as the person who thinks he's free."  -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I am not offended by your opposition to Saddam, or that you speak the
about him.  I just wonder why it is our problem when there are so many 
other monsters in the world that we give a blind eye to.  Where were we 
when Stalin was murdering 16,000,000 Ukrainians, or when Mao was killing
to 75,000,000 Chinese?  How about the ongoing murder and rape of Tibet? 
the vast slaughter going on in Africa?  Why didn't we do something to
Pol Pot?  It is gross hypocrisy to focus on Saddam and say were going to 
attack him because he is a Bad Guy.  Of course he is a bad guy.  So 
what?  The world is full of bad guys, some of them even worse than 
Hussein.  Is it our responsibility to going about like Don Quixote
at windmills?  It isn't that we should not police the world and enforce
unnatural peace.  We cannot.
John W. Redelfs                       

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