Ashcroft, of course, would have no problem with polygamists... <sarcasm mode off>

Odd, too, that, as per my post earlier in the week the BC government thinks it
would be futile to arrest anyone in Bountiful, the Canadian branch of the
Colorado City group (and not, incidentally, the only fundi colony in the interior
of BC where people pretty well leave each other alone) because our Charter of
Rights and Freedoms would put religious practice above the current law -- only in
cases of suspected child abuse would the BC A-G move, he said. But in the US it
appears to be the other way around.  WWJRD? (What Would Janet Reno Do?)

Jon Spencer wrote:

> Only if Bush puts Janet Reno back in as AG.
> Jon
> Steven wrote:
> > Is Colorado City (or Hildale Utah) the next Waco?

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