Geoff, one suggestion is to email or call your tech support at Mstar and let them
know. This sounds a lot like a DNS problem. DNS means Domain Name Server, and
every ISP has one, or if it's a small ISP, uses a larger service's DNS. It's
basically a directory of domain names like,,, etc.,
etc. DNS's update each other, more or less -- there's no central organization
that does this (although the W3C consortium, the unofficial libertarianist-like
body that sets the standards for the WWW, has set up the protocols for how DNS's
do this). It could simply be that your DNS hasn't been updated, or that was removed by an automated anti-spam program that your ISP runs. All
kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with you personally.

This used to happen to me occasionally when I had a dial-up connection with a
company called; although they were on the backbone and were
therefore reasonably fast for a dial-up, they did not have a "primary" DNS like
my present service does. But if Mstar is who I think it is -- the Church-owned
ISP -- they really ought to be better at managing this. It's not like they're a
tiny ISP.

Geoff Fowler wrote:

> Hi fellow Zionites,
> I have not been receiving any Topica messages from any of John
> Redelf's lists in my email. While I can go online and view them
> just fine, and I can also post to them via email, none of the
> posts are being mailed to me as I had specified in my settings on
> Topica. Anyone else having or had the same problems? If so, how
> can I fix it? I tried to reset my settings on Topica, but to no
> avail.
> Please send suggestions to [EMAIL PROTECTED], since replies
> to [EMAIL PROTECTED] will not arrive in my mailbox.
> Thank you for your help!
> Geoff
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