I take your post in the spirit intended. As you know, my "energy" is ephemeral and I 
have the advantage of having more control over my time, although not in a way I'd 
prefer. At any rate, I'm glad someone's finally noticed that neither John nor I are 
getting answers to what I think are pretty straightforward questions. One person
has mentioned Pakistan, iirc, so I do have to give credit where credit's due, but 
while I don't think it's a conspiracy theory, I do think that the war in Iraq is a 
magician's sleight-of-hand that has to do more with US domestic policies than anything 
the US might care about in the Middle East (except, in a complicated indirect way
wrt oil supply).

Mark Gregson wrote:

> > So I will ask yet again: why Iraq specifically and not Pakistan? Pakistan is a
> > far greater threat.
> You have got to admire Marc for his tenacity.  I vote for some kind of award for him 
>for this constant call to examine just who needs to be pounded.  John is beating the 
>same drum with slightly different drumsticks.  Both of them should get awards.  But 
>maybe not until they get answers.
> No one has yet aswered either of them.  Everytime Marc says "Why not get Pakistan?", 
>the reply is "Iraq is so bad" and everytime John says "The Book of Mormon is always 
>about defense, never offense," we get, "The Nephites attacked so and so," completely 
>ignoring the fact that the example used  precisely supports John's argument.
> I'm just happy to see that neither Marc nor John is tired.  You have to admire their 
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