On Wed, 16 Oct 2002 07:12:48 -0400, "Jon Spencer"
> Nobody don't no longer care about good grammar no more.
> It bugs me to no end that the ads on TV are full of incorrect grammar.  I
> suppose they do it so as to appeal to the "common man" or some other such
> stupidity.
> Exactly how hard is it to use an adverb where it belongs, rather than
> using
> an adjective, which is one of the most common errors I hear.  The other
> is
> not using the subjunctive form of verbs when stating the hypothetical.

Huh? Whatcha mean? Ya mean my ma was right wen she tried to lern me not
to say things rong? I recall her tellin me "aint aint a word and ya aint
spossed to be sayin it no more!

I dain't never figger why. 

Buttered bread always lands butter side * Would YOU mistake these as
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