I am glad that your mother listened and then harkened to that prompting
she received. The best we can do in a situation like this is to pray for
our families, the victims and their families, and especially for the
sniper (or snipers) - that they may come to their senses and realize the
horrible crimes they have committed. I pray that the perpetrators will
be caught soon.
As for theories, I used to think that this was a terrorist act, but now
I am not sure. In fact, I was convinced that there were perhaps more
than one team involved, striving to create fear and panic in the Capitol
and surrounding areas. The ransom note, however, has thrown me. I don't
know what to make of it - whether it is legitimate or whether it is a
Geoff Fowler
Network Server Engineer
Weber State University

>>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] 10/23/02 04:18PM >>>
What do you all think about the DC sniper?  Anyone have any theories on
I'm not sure what to think except that I'm just sick about it.  My
and one of my sisters live in the area...I grew up there...I'm just a
bit worried.  On the other hand, I know about eternal families and that
anything ever happened, we are sealed as a family.  But I'm still
about them.  My mom only does shopping now at a secure military base;
figures she's a lot safer there (side note: two weeks ago, on the day
shooting happened in Manassas, she was planning on doing some shopping
there and a distinct impression came to her to not go, so she didn't. 
was that afternoon that another shooting happened in the area where
would have been).  My sister and her roommates only go out when
When she buys gas, she starts pumping and then ducks (she lives in

What do I do?

Heidi the fair

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