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Mark Gregson:

You mean to say that you cannot vote in the US unless you register 
your "preference"?  Is that true?  And if it is, what's the point 
of it?  Since your vote is secret, why register a preference?


I do not recall living in a state where you had to declare a party 
preference in order to register to vote.

In the state where I now live, if you vote in a primary election, 
you vote only in the primary election of one particular party.  You 
automatically become a member of that party and you cannot vote 
or participate in the other party's election.
That is how it is here in Indiana--for the primary, we must declare a party, and then 
the voting machine is actually locked for the other party.  It's frustrating to me, 
because we only get two choices here for the primary--Republican or Democrat.  We do 
not have an Independent choice.

And, for the record <John ;-)>  I am a good Mormon Democrat (put the modifer where you 
will).  The Republicans in my area are corrupt money grubbers.  They could care less 
about me or any other John Q. Public type--just see who can line their pockets the 

Our current Republican mayor is an idiot.  I even told him to his face, in a city 
council meeting, that I do not like him and my role as a registered Democrat is to 
find fault with everything he does.  I must tell you, to put this into context, that 
it was a hearing on a new anti-porn city ordinance that I was STRONGLY in favor of, so 
after I had my say to the mayor, I conceded that I agreed with him on this (even 
though I know it was the City Council who initiated it).  I will never forget the 
shocked look on his face as the standing-room-only crowd roared.

The funny part, really, was that in that entire room, only one person spoke against 
the ordinance--the ACLU lawyer.  I had the unfortunate luck to be seated next to him.  
Turns out he went to school with my brother yadda yadda yadda.  After I spoke, he 
wouldn't say word one to me.  Funny thing--politics is.

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