There is a news  story out that a private collector has shown an ossuary
(stone box that holds the bones of a dead person), with the Aramaic
inscription: "James, son of Joseph and brother of Jesus." This dates to
about 70 AD, about the time that James the founder of the Christian
Church in Jerusalem was killed (62 AD). Andre Lemaire, a world reknowned
philologist (ancient languages), says that the inscription dates to the
right time frame. Also, Jews only used ossuaries from 20 BC to 70 AD,
when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem.

Now, the three names were very popular among Jews in that timeframe, so
we do not know for certain if it is the Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ or
not.  However, there probably aren't too many James with a father Joseph
and brother Jesus. Also, it is very uncommon to name one's brother on an
ossuary, unless the person was known for something. Jesus Christ

So, this may become the first non-New Testament evidence that Jesus
actually lived. Yes, there is a reference in Josephus, but most think
that was added later by Christians. Besides that, the earliest mentions
of Christ aren't until the 2nd century AD.

K'aya K'ama,
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