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If a man who has previously served as elder's quorum president, then
been released, is again called to serve, he does not need to have the
keys given him. He already has them. The same applies to a former bishop
who is called to serve again as bishop, or a former stake president
called to serve again as stake president, etc. Mark, Larry, Till,
correct me if I'm wrong, but this is my understanding.

My understanding is that this is not correct. The priesthood office remains but the keys to function in that role/stewardship are removed. Who was it at conference told of being bishop and losing his date night. He also said that after he was released it was impossible for him to give counsel as he had. I have actually felt the mantle of authority leave (a phenomenon I would describe as being physical, replaced by a stupor of thought, our current state) when released from leadership callings.

Till the no-longer enlightened

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