Oh, they've already solved the mystery of missing socks. That's what the rings of
Saturn are made out of. According to my Dad, anyway.

"Elmer L. Fairbank" wrote:

> At 20:33 10/23/2002 -0800, BLT wrote:
> >Maybe with satellite technology they will eventually solve the riddle of
> >the Ark which some suppose is on Ararat to this day.  Haven't they used
> >sophisticated imaging and satellite technology to find roads and cities
> >buried under the sands of the Arabian peninsula?  Maybe they will learn to
> >see through ice.  I'd love to know what is on the surface buried thousands
> >of feet beneath the southern, Antarctic icecap.  If the earth has actually
> >shifted its axis, and climates were once very much different, who knows
> >what they might find?
> Maybe even that pen I set down somewhere and can't seem to recall where.
> Till  (or single socks!)
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