But because bishop is an ordination in the first instance, I believe that's why we 
have the tradition of continuing to call ex-bishops by the honorific "bishop," but 
it's a tradition and is certainly not required. But because of this, when I talk to 
privately that's what I call him -- we're on a first-name basis from long before he 
was called to be bishop. But if other members are around, I call him "Bishop Gregson." 
 Likewise my boss, whose first name is Mel. And since working for him, that's what I
always call him, but when he was in the stake presidency, in the presence of other 
members (even my own family) I'd always address him as Pres. Wong. Likewise with Tom 
Matkin. We're coming down to southern Alberta before Christmas. If we were to invite 
to my brother's or my Dad's place, I'd call him Pres. Matkin. Likewise before his 
family. Only in private or here on the list would I call him Tom.

Mark Gregson wrote:

> -Larry-
> > Keys, where needed, are given to the person set apart for
> > a calling.  He only holds those keys until he is released.
> -Stephen-
> >How about that? That's directly opposite to what a bishop told me years back. 
>Thanks for the clarification.
> I concur with Larry.  An ordained bishop, if called again to lead a ward, even the 
>same ward he used to lead, will again be set apart as the bishop of that ward and 
>given the keys of a bishop.  Obviously, he is not ordained again to the office of 
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