Paul Osborne:

Right. The Lord is behind the whole thing. That is what I 
have been saying all along.


You have been taking lessons from John, haven't you!  :-)

On one occasion I watched visiting general authorities 
interview well into the evening looking for a new stake 
president.  They finally found him, the 2nd counselor of a 
branch in a far-off corner of the stake.

On another occasion, the visiting authority got up on Sunday 
morning and said he hadn't found the new stake president.  
A man who was out of town was called a week later.

In bishopric meeting one morning, we selected a new 
Relief Society president.  The bishop said he would call 
her during the day so she could be sustained right away.

I conducted sacrament meeting that afternoon.  When it 
was time to present the business, I asked the bishop how 
the call had gone.  He said he had totally forgotten to visit 
with the sister.  After sacrament meeting, we met again 
to review the list of names under consideration.  We had 
left one name off the list.  She was sustained the following 
week and served marvelously for many years.

As a branch president conducting sacrament meeting, I 
once sustained the wrong person to be Sunday School 
president.  He appeared startled when I presented his 
name, but after he thought about it for a few seconds, he 
raised his hand to sustain himself.  When I sat down, my 
counselors pointed out that I had called someone else to 
that calling, not the man sustained.

I met the other man as he returned from a business trip 
that evening, explained what had happened, and extended 
a different calling to him.  He was relieved.  He said he had 
been willing to serve and had accepted the Sunday School 
call, but thought he would do much better in the new calling.  
He did.  And so did the man who was actually sustained.

And then there are some of the callings I have had.  The 
Lord does have a sense of humor.

Larry Jackson

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