Ironically, it has now come out that MSNBC and CNN in particular cooperated with
Montgomery Co. police by sitting on stories they had, for the public good. One
reporter said that the code amongst journalists covering wars and the like, is
not to report on strategy or troop movements in advance. Unfortunately, since
Vietnam the US armed forces has come down very hard on the media and has not even
allowed them to report on battles after they're over. So in this case the media,
more or less, seem to have been cooperating with the police, to the common good.

Gary Smith wrote:

> I think the media should use some self-censorship on occasion. It gets
> too easy to destroy peoples' lives over small things. Imagine how WWII
> would have gone if the media would have spent their time telling our
> troop movements, or about FDR's extra-marital affairs, or his illness?
> In the case at hand with the sniper, it was strategic use of the media
> that put out the car description and Jersey plates that helped catch him.
> Good for them for being a help, and not a hindrance in this issue.
> The media should first be a defense of our rights and freedoms against
> government. Next, they should help the public consider all sides of the
> issues, so they can decide for themselves. Then, they should be a help to
> society. Finally, they should be a source of entertainment.
> When they do this, Bravo. When they are only entertainment, or they
> become too politicized on one side or the other, then they only become a
> part of an unbalanced society, or worse, government.
> K'aya K'ama,
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Marc A. Schindler
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“We do not think that there is an incompatibility between words and deeds; the
worst thing is to rush into action before the consequences have been properly
debated…To think of the future and wait was merely another way of saying one was
a coward; any idea of moderation was just an attempt to disguise one’s unmanly
character; ability to understand a question from all sides meant that one was
totally unfitted for action.” – Pericles about his fellow-Athenians, as quoted by
Thucydides in “The Peloponessian Wars”

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