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*my son served a mission in Russia and had a "summer missionary" from
Moscow who knew a member of the Alpha unit who was in training in
Moscow. He said they select orphans and bring them up, educate them
they basically dedicate their whole lives to being one of these
ops, similar to Canada's JTF2, the British SAS or the US Special

Romania had a similar program during the Cold War. When the "Revolutia
din '89" occurred, many who fought to defend Ceausescu (after the Army
turned on him) were orfans trained from their youths and who fought to
their deaths. They were literally "programmed" to carry out their orders
to the end.
Another interesting sidenote: There were many witnesses who noticed
Arab-like men fighting alongside these poor unfortunate fanatics. Of
course, at the time, I never really thought about it the connection. But
I do know that Ceausescu sold weapons to Libya, Iraq, and Iran, and had
a close relationship with all of them. Ion Iliescu, who just "happened"
to emerge as the leader of the Frontul de Salvare Nationala, continued
to sell military technology to Iraq well into the '90s. Thus, while the
news media currently points the finger at Yugoslavia (and its former
members), I believe the problem to be even bigger and affect more Balkan

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