At 07:59 10/30/2002 -0700, His Grace, El Presidente Tom wrote:
Dear JWR and others,

I'm beginning (just beginning mind you) to have parallel thoughts to the
venerable ELF.

Will this disqualify you from being Stake President? I should think it would in short order, rate some smartly. Till has had a lot of callings over the years, some cool and some silly, but has never done any of them really well <hanging head> He eventually gets fired so someone else can straighten out the mess.

 I knew he was going to write this before I read it.

At least he's predictable, n'est-ce-pas? Those remaining two neurons are easy to second-guess.

I know it is
prideful for me to admit to such flights of heady brilliance, but I can't help
being pleased that I have made such progress.

That's clearly negative pride, like sayin' I'm Leroy Brown, the biggest, baddest, meanest dude in town (or was that Slim?), or at least that's the gist of it. Could get you a nice little chat with the Area 70 nonetheless.

And, of course, I'm somewhat
envious of Marc's view as well. Do you have a drawbridge or something so you can
get across that mote in your front yard or do you wait for total freeze up and
let the dogs take you around?

See how you took this to a more practical plane. I was just so overawed at his front yard that I never even gave taking out the trash on Tuesday a second thought.

I saw the Aurora once at my house, but it just looked like somebody flashing a searchlight around the sky randomly. We're just too far south and too perpetually overcast for any real displays. Plus, I usually sleep at night, lazy creature of habit that I am.

Till, who actually doesn't have trash pickup, but the recycling truck comes on Monday and if it won't recycle, he don't want it around.

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