Bro. Ross--

I know you mean well, and I do not speak as the listowner or anyone having authority, 
but I am not sure it is appropriate to post the telephone numbers of stake presidents, 
bishops, or other church leaders on a public or semi-public forum such as LDS-Doctrine 
or ZION, especially if the information was taken from a church-published stake or 
leadership directory.  It is my understanding that those listings were intended to be 

IMHO, if this isn't part of the list charter, it ought to be.

All the best,

>You already ARE a party to that kind of [Christ-like] action.  The
>Church made a $25,000 donation to the building of the Krishna temple
>(just 3 miles south of my home).  Paul, are you going to stop paying
>tithing until the Church stops financially helping other religions?
>And, yes, it was officially sanctioned by the Church.  You can contact
>Stake President Stanly Green of the Salem Utah West Stake for details --
>[deleted].  He's the President of the stake where the Krishna temple
>is built.

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