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My wife, Mary, went in for her operation today (a full hysterectomy) and everything went well. She had been having problems along this line for a long time and I believe this will take care of the problem. As this is a rather serious operation she'll be in the hospital till Friday. Her physical activity will be severely curtailed for about six weeks as well. Meanwhile the boys (Three: seventeen, thirteen and eleven) and I are managing to hold down the fort, but just barely <grin>. As you might expect my participation on ZION will be of a minimal nature until things get back to a semblance of normality around here. I do read all of the posts, sometimes in a hasty manner depending on time, but will probably not post myself or reply unless something really takes my fancy.

I might mention one thing, while I was waiting for Mary to go into surgery, I was able to pick up the local SUU (Southern Utah University) channel where the weekly convocation was being shown. The invited guest was none other than former UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter. Very interesting speech and very convincing, to me at least, his warning towards the U.S. in initiating a war with Iraq. Basically what it amounts to, and maybe Marc has more information on this as I consider myself highly uniformed on this issue, is that the United States has not been living up to their commitments in international law. Now I'm against the United Nations as a peacekeeping force as I believe it actually is a war making body (as well as the seedbed for global government) but since we are signatories to the UN Charter and have worked through the UN we must either disavow the charter or live up to our obligations. The United States has been acting sort of like a cop who plants evidence or otherwise breaks the law in order to bring down a bad guy. Now Scott Ritter has nothing good to say about Saddam Hussein but believes that we must obey the law in order to cause any substantial change in Iraq. For instance the United States has repeatedly stated that what they want is a regime change (overthrow Saddam Hussein) before they lift economic sanctions against Iraq. Well, the original agreement was to lift the economic sanctions if it could be proven that Iraq was complying with the ban on weapons of mass destruction. So now when the United States comes in and then demands a regime change (and the CIA has been involved in several plots to make that happen) it makes us out as the bad guys and Iraq as the good guys. Scott Ritter believes that Saddam Hussein must eventually go but it must be done according to law. Just one more thing to consider on this whole Iraq situation.

Steven Montgomery

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