That's the odd thing, and the wonderful thing, about foreign languages. This
statement is commutative in Latin, but its translation into English is not, as
you point out, even if somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Cogito ergo sum implies sum ergo
cogito. The problem is that "cogito" doesn't just mean "I think", it means to
have a mind, a self-awareness. Given, of course, the limitation that Descartes
was only applying it to mankind, not to rocks or Republicans...

Ronn Blankenship wrote:

> At 08:52 PM 11/4/02, Gary Smith wrote:
> >I believe it was Renee DesCartes who said, "I think, therefore I have a
> >headache."
> >No, wait. "I think, therefore I like green eggs and ham."
> >No.
> >"I think, therefore I am."   Yeah, that's it.
> The problem is that the *converse* of that statement is demonstrably not
> true . . .
> --Ronn! :)

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