>  - Is it more important that the walls of Jericho fell as described, or
> that the people of the covenant were successful as long as they followed
> Him?

If the walls of Jericho did not fall as described in the Bible, then in what way were 
the covenant people successful?  If the Red Sea did not part then in what way can we 
say that God's power is great and that He led the Israelites?  In what way can it be 
said how willing and capable God is in helping you succeed in following His 

The events prove the principle.  If the events did not happen we are left without any 
proof at all.  How much faith would you have in a God who said "Trust me" but who 
never did anything that showed He was trustworthy?
So far as I can recall off the top of my head, very, very few of the events described 
in the scriptures were just symbolic.  They all happened.  God really did create the 
world, create the Garden of Eden, place a truly and actually naked Adam and Eve there 
who did eat a fruit that physically changed them, etc.

The rib and the serpent may be symbolic, but I cannot think of much else that was.  
The flood, the tower of Babel with its confounding of languages, the Jaredite barges - 
all real events.

It's just as John said: real events can be symbols themselves.  But they would have no 
power as symbols if they were not real.

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