I have supreme confidence that the Lord knows what He is doing.  I also feel
confident that He is happy that we are trying to understand it.  As long as
I have been studying science, the assumption that physical laws are constant
across time and space has always been held to be tenuous, subject to further


John W. Redelfs wrote:

> I have been doing a massive search on the multiple Ebsco full-text
> databases on the term "antigravity."  And I have been amazed by some of
> things I have been reading.  Apparently, according to Scientific American,
> Science News, Time magazine and others, recent discoveries indicate that
> the "big bang" that allegedly started this universe is not slowing down as
> expected, but is speeding up.  Many responsible scientists are saying this
> turns everything on its ear because it suggests that in some parts of
> there is not only gravity, but antigravity.
> Well, of all the sciences, physics is the one that I expect the fewest
> surprises from.  I mean the top people in the field agree on basics.  And
> one of the assumptions has always been that gravity is the same everywhere
> in the universe.  But low and behold it looks like this may not be the
> Question: If gravity varies from place to place in the universe, why
> couldn't such other phenomenon as inertia, centrifugal force, etc?  And if
> these most basic forces are not constant throughout the universe, just how
> can we know anything for sure?
> Do any of you propeller heads know anything about this?  If you like, I
> post a couple of these stories to the list.  Just let me know.

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